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Sophisticated hiring technology software doesn’t have to be complicated. At iExam we believe in keeping it simple, efficient, and smart. Explore the most comprehensive suite of solutions to all your recruitment problems below built using intelligent technologies.

Tests that work for both educational institutes and companies a like

To protect the academic integrity of e-learning or to certify a learner you often have to book test centres and invigilators which is expensive and cumbersome for the candidates. iExam training solution provides a safe environment through advanced automated proctoring, robust assessment engine, video interviews and psychometric tests.


Conducting assessments
and test is easy.
Results can be generated
Tests can be conducted
from anywhere
Exams can be made cheatproof

Why iExam?

Custom-made and readymade question banks
Centralized platform on Cloud
Quick score generation and analysis
Fully responsive
Automatic grading
Timed assessments
Question statistics
MDB Magazine Template displayed on iPhone
Fully responsive
Complete transparency
Comprehensive security
Proctoring facility
Cost efficiency
Anywhere, anytime access
Crash recovery
Certificate generation

Value for Educators

MDB Admin Dashboard displayed on iPad
Move beyond percentage to data driven learning and personalized learing
Effective and equitable execution of assessments
Reduced burden on teachers
More inclusive learning, especially for students with special needs
Valid tests and accurate scoring enhances brand image
Automated remote proctoring

Value for Corporates

MDB Admin Dashboard displayed on iPad
Accurate skill assessment
Enables data driven decisions
Flexibility of execution and scale
Analytics driven
Integrated platform
Adaptive branding
Varied skill and aptitude tests to choose from