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Saturday | October 05, 2019

Technological Advancements Changing the Face of Online Examinations

Technology has penetrated all aspects of our life and education is no exception to this. Today, the educational institutions need not burn the midnight

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Friday | September 27, 2019

Tips for Taking Online Examination

Many students find it difficult to take to the online examination system. They are completely different from the paper and pen examination. Thus, many students find the experience overwhelming especially

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Friday | July 19, 2019

Simplify Your Exam Assessment Procedure with Online Assessment Software

Whether you are a teacher of a school, college or any institute, your intellectual power is not enough to make you a great teacher.

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Friday | June 07, 2019

Economical Software That Improves Students' Academic Performance

Students' academic performance is a matter of great concern for both teachers and parents. So, they need to be very serious about it. 'To err is human' is a common adage that we all know.

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Tuesday | May 28, 2019

Encourage Your Ward To Take Digital Exam To Stay Mentally Sound

How often do you take care of your child's academic performance? As a sensible and responsible parent, it is your duty to see whether your child is faring well in the exams.

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Thursday | May 23, 2019

How Can Teachers Make Students' Study Life Easy Going?

In today's highly competitive study environment, it has become very difficult for students to have excellent preparation for the examinations and ace them. Realizing the problems of students..

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