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Economical Software That Improves Students' Academic Performance

Friday June 07, 2019

Students' academic performance is a matter of great concern for both teachers and parents. So, they need to be very serious about it. 'To err is human' is a common adage that we all know. Anyone can break under the immense pressure of work and teachers are no exceptions. Nowadays, each and every school has such an influx of students that it is not possible for teachers to improve their academic performance by conducting exams on a large scale. Online assessment software is the right solution for teachers. With its use, teachers can conducts exams fairly without being stressed. Moreover, it is economical, so teachers need not pay an arm and a leg to afford it.

iExam has brought a great revolution in the education system in India by introducing online assessment software. With its use, teachers can perform various tasks related to the conduction of the exams without any stress: making of question papers without putting in much time and effort; customizing exam that includes allotting time, scores, etc from its settings; assigning tests to students at their convenience and generating results instantly. In return, students too are benefitted a lot. They can take the exams, regardless of their location and remain stress-free. They need not seek the intervention of any person. The unnecessary hassles that they keep at bay include reaching the examination hall in time and undergo frisking on the suspicion of concealing chits for cheating and expenses on transportation and refreshment. With the instant declaration of results, they need not await their results for a long time.

In a nutshell, online assessment software is really amazing test generator that eases both teachers' and students' lives. Teachers can conduct the exams without any stress and improve students'academic performance without cutting a hole in their pockets.