Tips for Taking Online Examination

Tips for Taking Online Examination

Friday | September 27, 2019

Many students find it difficult to take to the online examination system. They are completely different from the paper and pen examination. Thus, many students find the experience overwhelming especially if preparing for an online examination for the first time. Here, we provide some vital tips that would make the entire experience smooth and easy for them.

Become computer-savvy

You will inevitably take an online test on a computer. Hence, your hands should first become adept at handling the basics of the computer. Managing the mouse, moving forward and backward, controlling the cursor, etc. all need practice before you can perform them like the back of your hand. The practice would help you save vital time and give your exam with complete focus.

Practice with demo tests

You find several online testing software for demo tests. Practicing with these tests would help you understand how various online assessment software behave. Your confidence would also grow. Consequently, you would be able to give your examination with a lot more confidence and without any unwanted distraction.

Wait for the full exam to load

Most of us are in a haste to start our examination. Consequently, they do not wait for the full exam to load. Starting early might mean that a few questions have gone missing or your results did not get calculated correctly. It is always better to allow the full exam to load completely before you begin answering.

Always double check before moving forward or submitting finally

The cursor of your computer is known to behave strangely. It could be that you selected a particular option but a different answer got selected. Hence, you must always cross-check before moving on to the next question. Even after you complete your assessment; you must always check once more if time permits. This would help you get your deserving score.


Once you get the hang of online examination; you would find it a far easier option than the traditional examination system.