Tips for Taking Online Examination

Technological Advancements Changing the Face of Online Examinations

Saturday | October 05, 2019

Technology has penetrated all aspects of our life and education is no exception to this. Today, the educational institutions need not burn the midnight oil in preparing and printing question papers for the students. Even the students are not getting into a jiffy to reach the examination center. Thanks to the various online assessment platform; the entire procedure has become a breeze. Let’s throw light on some of its features.

Detailed performance analysis

Anyone can get access to the online examination software by paying a small subscription fee. The software has plenty of features that make your entire assessment procedure quick, more accurate and time-saving and cost-effective solution. Few worth mentioning features include:

  • Interactive and user-friendly Admin Dashboard
  • Clear categorization of all subjects, grades, and exam groups.
  • Ability to upload a wide variety and a plethora of questions.
  • Categorization of questions according to their difficulty level.
  • Facility to form a question bank that can be used multiple times.
  • Various features to control the exams and its security like the number of attempts, the setting of time limits, access to answer sheets after correction, online monitoring of even remote locations to ensure fair examination, etc.
  • Various types of reports and data analysis to assess the examination reports at students' levels, school levels, and various other associated reports.


The reliability of the online examination system is gaining grounds with each passing day. It is giving complete value for money to all its buyers. With the human intervention getting to negligible and zero levels; risks of error and leakage gets down to zero. All examination and its grading are completely fair and people at all levels- from students, parents to teachers are completely satisfied and happy with it.

Wrapping up

With its innovative features and plenty of benefits; the online assessment software is all poised to change the way of conducting examinations.