Significance of Online Examination Software
in Education System

Wednesday | December 11, 2019

Education is the base of the world, and technology is helping to make this world effective. The addition of the technology in the form of ERP to maintain admission, fees, attendance, and examination make functioning easy.
Online Examination Software in Education System is one of the most critical systems which every institute is looking for. It has a valid reason to be liked by the schools so much. Like, traditional exam management, it doesn't consume time and gives issues. 

There is much significance in using OES in the system, and some of the benefits are as follows:

  • It is useful to secure question paper. Traditionally, question paper cane easily is leaked because it didn't have a lock.
  • It is useful to opt for results quickly. You don't have to do an addition and then find out the percentage manually. The predefined system can calculate everything and give the final result.
  • No tension in the examination center. It helps conduct the exam from where the student can be available. The medium is online, so the requirement of the center is nill.
  • An online examination system helps reduce logistics costs. The amount you spend on paper and other management can be diminished, and you can conduct exams for multiple students located around the city on one platform.
  • It has the suitable option of compatible with subjective exams where the candidate writes as much as they want without limiting to characters.
  • It can also be supervised by using the web camera attached to the system of the students, which takes a screenshot. It also reduces the need for invigilators.

So, these are some importance that you can get by using iexamonline software. The online examination software introduced by them has all the features mentioned above, along with some additional features.