Popular Online Examinations That Have Become
the Norm in the Arena of Education

Wednesday | October 30, 2019

The impact of technology in the education sector has been a game-changer. One of the most prominent effects has been on the examinations at all levels. Today, pen and paper exams look like getting on the brink of extinction. It is being replaced by online exam solutions.

You come across a plethora of online examination software for conducting a plethora of examinations. Here, we walk through a few of the most popular types of examinations where the online examination system is ruling the roost.

Entrance examinations

Be it the entrance examinations at the national level for streams like engineering, medical, police, etc. or the entrance examination to any college or school; the online tests are proving more credible and fairer than any other mode. Not only do the question papers get more flexible and secure but it is also managed well. There is an auto surveillance mode that does not allow any student to cheat and you even get more accurate results within the shortest possible time and even immediately.

The work of teachers gets so streamlined by the online tests that colleges and schools are fast adopting it to conduct regular assessments in schools and colleges as well.

Online mock tests

We talked about a variety of entrance examinations that are conducted by various education boards and higher education colleges to select the best-fit students for a particular course. Students study intensely for it. To help them prepare well, numerous online mock series examinations are available. You find them online for all leading types of competitive examinations.

These examinations not only help the students get their eye-hand coordination set on the computer but give them enough practice with the handling of online assessments. Handling a mouse can be slightly tricky especially if you are a novice with computers. Practicing with mock tests help the students save time during the examination from erratic movements of the mouse. It also helps them strengthen their preparation and get exams ready for a bright and prosperous career.

Aptitude tests

Most corporates require an aptitude test to check the potential of any candidate for recruitment or promotion. It is also required for admission to certain degree courses. An aptitude test provides an inkling to any person’s common skills as well as their cognitive, analytical, observatory and social powers. It facilitates easy grading of any candidate’s ability to place him in the right position or study course.

Training Centers, Private institutes & Coaching Centers

One of the hallmarks of a private institute or a coaching center is their regular mock tests to check the extent of knowledge and examination ready status of any student. Online examination software proves a boon to them as they can easily conduct frequent examinations and get instantaneous results. Thye can thus easily grade the students and even arrange extra classes for the challenged students.

School examination

Many schools are taking to examination software to assess their students at all levels. They can save the question papers and provide the same question set to its students in a shuffled manner. This helps prevent cheating. The great thing is that you can upload all types of questions, be it subjective, short answers, one-word answers, multiple-choice and any other type that you can give with the traditional pen and paper examination system. You do not feel any boundaries. Moreover, the questions can be easily retrieved again for future use.

Wrapping up

Today, the benefits of the online examination system are getting verified day after day. Because of this, almost all educational institutions of any form are adopting it slowly and steadily. Soon, we may see it as the exclusive mode of examination.