An Insight into the Impact of Online Education Software on the Education System

Monday | October 21, 2019

The importance of education is recognized since ancient times for the growth and development of an individual as well as mankind. Therein has started the quest to enhance and improve the education system as much as possible.

As the world started shifting online, so did the education and its various examinations. We saw the birth of several online education software as well as online examination software that changes the face of the education completely. Today, pen and paper have been left behind and the newer advanced online testing systems are becoming the norm.

The need for online examination

An examination is the way to evaluate the knowledge gained by the students. Since old times the conventional pen and paper method has been used for the same. But the path is extremely difficult. Foremost, the teachers are required to whack their brains out and then formulate a question paper. The questions in the paper are mostly written by hand, typed and then proofread for any duplication and other potential errors.

Then the paper needed to be printed in bulk. The invigilators, as well as the space for examination, needs to be fixed. The invigilators and the experts who would check the paper also need to be appointed. Moreover, all efforts and made to prevent malpractices of cheating, paper leakage, etc. But many times, the hard work goes down the drain. The online examination came as a solution to all the challenges faced by a conventional paper and pen examination.

Defining the online examination system

Thanks to the advent of technology, the method of testing students has become fairer and less stressful. The online examination system came into being. Here, questions are uploaded on a platform and students access this to answer the questions using the internet. Not only is the interface easy to use but you also get immediate results that make the entire effort, a breeze.

The Significant impact of online education software

The question paper, examination, etc., all are conducted on an online education software that can be purchased by any course provider at fair charges. The most significant impact of this has been the release of the intense stress and trauma associated with the concept of exams. The second has been the illumination of a fairer and accurate way of testing students. Let’s check out a few of the most powerful impacts of the
online education software on the education system.

Fairer examination : The very first advantage of online examination is the high-end security it provides. The software gives limited access to different users. Thus, only the administrator has access to the question bank, thereby eliminating the risk of the questions leaking out and students cheating.

Once the questions have been uploaded, they are given to each student in random order. Hence no two students have the same question paper, thereby eliminating their chances of stealing. Hence, a more accurate evaluation of students takes place.

User-friendly features : One of the impressive features of online education is its easy-to-use interface. A growing number of students find it more convenient and stress-free than the traditional method of taking examinations. You thus find them more relaxed and exhibiting better performance.

It is also a more convenient way of giving examinations. They can give the exams from the comforts of their home and at a time convenient to them. Various online security systems monitor them and ensure that no cheating or any negative behavior takes place.

Wrapping up : Online examination software has changed the face of education. It is no longer limited to the four walls of the classroom. It is also not restricted to the age specified in any educational institution. The online examination system is indeed the face of the future of education.